What if you made a bad mistake, and it just kept getting worse?

Conservatively, about one percent of cars are likely to be “lemons.” They may drive fine when you buy them, but most will start showing issues in about a month. And those issues may just get worse over time.

You don’t have to be stuck with a bad car, though. You can always hire a lemon law lawyer to fight for your rights. And if you’re still on the fence about hiring a lawyer, here are three of the best reasons you need such a lawyer on your side!

1. You Will Have Less Stress

If you end up buying a lemon, we have good news and bad news. The good news is that the law is on your side. Thanks to existing lemon laws, you don’t have to settle for a car that is worth far less than what you paid for it.

The bad news is that fighting for your rights can be very stressful. The litigation process can be very long. And if you aren’t a legal expert, it can be very confusing as well.

Why put yourself through that stress when you can hire a lawyer to fight for you?

2. You Are Likelier To Win Your Case

Despite what the lemon laws say, there is no guarantee you will win the case. Instead, you may face an uphill climb as you try to put together enough evidence to win your case.

With this much on the line, it’s important to tilt the odds in your favor. Once you hire an attorney, you increase the odds of winning your case.

This means hiring an attorney can be a real “win/win.” You’ll face less stress negotiating your case. And at the end of the day, you are likelier to walk away with a legal victory.

3. You May Get a Better Deal

Why do many people not hire a lemon law lawyer when they accidentally buy a lemon? Most of these people are worried about losing even more money. Having recently paid too much for a car, they worry about losing even more by trying to hire the best attorney they can find.

In reality, hiring a lawyer can help you get a better deal. This is because many manufacturers guilty of selling lemons will first try to offer a low settlement amount to you. Of course, without a good lawyer, you may not know it is a low settlement, much less how to negotiate for more.

When you hire a lawyer, you do more than increase your chances of winning. You also increase your chances of winning big.

Hire the Best Lemon Law Lawyer Today!

Now you know why you should hire a lemon law lawyer. But do you know where you can find someone ready and willing to fight on your behalf?

At our firm, you don’t just get any lawyer on your side. You get a Florida lemon law expert ready to help you win the case. To get started, all you have to do is contact us today!