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Cape Coral Florida Lemon Law Made Simple

Navigating the Florida Lemon Law can be challenging. The law can be difficult to understand in its entirety, often leading to misinterpretation of how the Florida Lemon Law works. You can simplify this process and determine if your car qualifies as a lemon by partnering with a trusted FL Lemon Law Lawyer. Jonathan Schwartz is your expert Lemon Law attorney for Cape Coral. He will help you understand the law and acquire the resolution you deserve for your lemon.

We know our clients deserve fair and equitable settlements for the inconvenience of purchasing a defective vehicle in the Cape Coral area. Our Lemon Law attorneys have recovered millions of dollars owed to our clients. We are committed to empowering our clients when it comes to enforcing their Lemon Law rights, and we have a proven track record to retrieve settlements for defective vehicles in and around Cape Coral.

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Cape Coral Lemon Law Requirements

If you reside in the Cape Coral area, your vehicle is covered under the state of Florida’s Lemon Law jurisdiction. Filing your vehicle as a “lemon” is not always cut-and-dry. You should familiarize yourself with some state law requirements for your vehicle to be eligible for “lemon” status.

  • Your vehicle must be only used for personal interests.

  • Your vehicle issues are reported within a 24-month window.

  • You must be the purchaser or lessee of the reported vehicle.

  • You did not purchase this vehicle as resale.

Florida’s Lemon Law can be easily navigated with the help of a top-rated, experienced Lemon Law Lawyer. Jonathon D. Schwartz will guide you through the legal process to make sure you receive the best compensation for your lemon vehicle.

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Jonathan Schwartz, your Lemon Law Lawyer has extensive experience with new, used, totaled, and salvaged vehicles. He will work with you and for you through the entire legal process to ensure justice is sought for the problems you may have been facing with your vehicle.


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How Can Cape Coral, Florida Lemon Law Help You?

In short, it may not cost you anything to hire a lemon law attorney. In fact, when you hire Jonathan, you will not be charged any fee for your case evaluation or case review. You will not be charged unless your case is won!

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It is imperative for all potential car owners in Florida to understand that there is essentially no lemon law that is specific to used cars. This is to say that if you purchase a used car “as is”, all warranties that might be true to the model of a the car from the actual manufacturer would be disclaimed. Therefore, even if you find that your used car is indeed a lemon, you should not expect any consumer and legal protection. Thus, it is very crucial that if you are looking for a used car, proper and adequate research has already been done on your car seller. To do this, you can check in with the Better Business Bureau to find out if there have been any existing complaints against a potential car dealer. Note that you should never rely on verbal promises of a car salesman, as their words cannot be enforced legally.

If you are purchasing a used car, insist on receiving a written warranty from your seller. You should also ensure that your car has been properly inspected by an independent car mechanic before your purchase. If your dealer strongly refuses to have the vehicle inspected, you should know that something is suspicious about the deal. Although your dealer might not disclaim all warranties in writing, you will be protected by the implied warranties of merchantability. Even if the seller agrees to give you a written warranty, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully so that you know exactly what is included in the coverage of the warranty. For example, you should know exactly what parts are covered, bearing in mind the deductibles and exclusions.

Laws are complicated and you need a trained, skilled lemon law lawyer representing you. Without a doubt, the manufacturer will be represented by an attorney. Don’t risk losing your time or any more money without an attorney in your corner.

Recovering a certain amount of money under the lemon law varies depending on the situation or the listed reasons an owner files a claim. Various processes are considered, and the extent of the defect needs to be identified before determining an amount.

There is such a thing as a “lemon buyback”. This is when the manufacturer would repurchase the vehicle once it has been identified as a lemon. With this, the manufacturer refunds all the money you spent concurrent with the purchase or lease of the vehicle. The amount covers the down payment, as well as all monthly payments you have made during your ownership of the vehicle. This also includes tax and all other finance charges, as well as the pro-rated portion of the registration fee.

A usage fee is deducted from the total. This covers the value for the time with which the car was used without any trouble at all. Reimbursement will also be given for all consequential expenses that you incurred as a result of the lemon, among them are towing service expenses as well as car rentals. The remaining balance of the loan pertaining to the vehicle will also be fully paid by the manufacturer.

There are cases when you may also opt to get a new car instead of getting a refund. In that case, there is a need to make arrangements with the manufacturer. You will need to pay the cost of the vehicle less all the amount you have spent on the lemon car, after considering other factors in between.

Purchasing a car that does not work according to the promises of the car dealer, elicits a slew of emotions. To put it mildly, the whole situation is infuriating. This is what is known as a lemon, and such a condition will definitely be a waste of time and money. How do you determine if your car is in this condition before purchase?

Start with getting a vehicle history report even before you purchase a new vehicle. There are different report services that you can use. Regardless of which one you choose, always give regard to the one that provides you a comprehensive report; this information should includes all of the vehicle’s previous owners, as well as accidents that the car may have encountered in the past. The report must also include the details on much-needed repairs. A title that certifies the car is a lemon will make you back out from the purchase in order to avoid the problem.

Make sure that the car works. This is part of the pre-purchase inspection and is crucial in ensuring that the vehicle works. Inspect the car personally, and send it to a mechanic for inspection, in case you feel it has been mislabeled as a lemon. The mechanic will check everything from the interior to the exterior, to the suspension, engine, and every component in between.

Now, some people may be tempted to bargain with the manufacturer or dealership if negligible defective parts are found in the vehicle. Theoretically, this can save you in terms of investment, but will it be worth it? If you do not want to be stuck filing a case and having headaches later on, spot the lemon before you own one.

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