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When you buy a new car, you don’t expect to have deal with frequent problems that require costly repairs and mechanic visits. If this has happened to you, your new vehicle may be a “lemon” car that continually needs serviced. The state of Florida has lemon laws in place to protect consumers from the inconvenience and expense of purchasing a faulty vehicle.  Because the Florida Lemon Law can be confusing, a consumer might find the process to be difficult to understand. In the Hialeah, Florida area, you need a Lemon Law professional to help you interpret the law and navigate through the procedure. The experienced lawyers at  Bad Vehicle will work hard to make sure you receive the proper resolution for your lemon vehicle.


Because our Lemon Law attorneys have experience in acquiring settlements for defective vehicles in and around the Hialeah area, we have been able to recover millions of dollars in Lemon Law settlements owed to our clients. We can help you receive justice by enforcing your Lemon Law rights.


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What is a “lemon”?

A lemon is a vehicle that has multiple manufacturing defects that can affecting its safe use, value or utility. A vehicle with severe manufacturing issues may be labeled a lemon. There is a state law, the Florida Lemon Law, that protects consumers who have purchased a vehicle with problems which, despite several repair attempts, have not been remedied. If an authorized Florida dealership cannot correct the presented defects, the vehicle is recognized as a “lemon”. Consumers are entitled to an equitable resolution under the Florida Lemon Law.

 Protecting the interests of the consumer when a car, truck, SUV, or RV was not manufactured to road-safe standards is the purpose of the Florida Lemon Law. The law also protects consumers listed on a leased vehicle, if they are responsible for repairs. The Lemon Law for used vehicles has different guidelines, but purchasers of used vehicles may still be protected under the Florida Lemon Law.

hialeah Lemon Law Requirements

Your vehicle falls under Florida’s Lemon Law jurisdiction if you live in Hialeah or surrounding areas. The filing process for “lemon” vehicles may seem simple, but it is important to review the requirements below before you begin the process. There are specific criteria that must be considered before your vehicle can be eligible for “lemon” status:

Your vehicle must be only used for personal interests

Your vehicle issues are reported within a 24-month window

You must be the purchaser or lessee of the reported vehicle

You did not purchase this vehicle as resale

With the help of a top-rated, experienced law firm, Florida’s Lemon Law can be easily navigated. The attorneys at Bad Vehicle are dedicated to making sure you receive compensation for your lemon vehicle by guiding you through the legal process. 

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If you continue to experience mechanical problems with your vehicle in Hialeah, Florida, its possible you have a lemon vehicle on your hands. Don’t continue to spend money on repairs that may be manufacturer defects. Instead, see if the Florida Lemon Law applies to your situation. At Bad Vehicle, the dedicated Lemon Law lawyers can assist with any personal vehicle – new, used, totaled, or salvaged. Jonathan D. Schwartz, Esq. will guide you every step of the way to make sure you receive a just outcome for your expense and inconvenience. Our entire team of experienced attorneys possess the knowledge to provide expert legal representation for your “lemon” vehicle.

If you believe your vehicle is covered under the Florida Lemon Law, call our firm today for a free case evaluation (786) 627-6343. Our team of Lemon Law Layers are available to take your case and help you receive a settlement for your defective vehicle.

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