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Was your car or boat severely damaged, and your claim rejected?

If you are worried your insurance company is not offering a fair claim payout contact Jonathan today for a FREE claim analysis.

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    Did your insurance company not pay the total amount owed for your loss? Jonathan is the expert you need to get your full boat or car claim payout. Contact today for a NO COST claim analysis.



    With over 20 years of experience, Jonathan will take on insurance companies and ensure you obtain your rightful claim payout. “I don’t get paid unless you do.”



    Trusted attorney serving every county in Florida. Count on Jonathan to help get the right money for your car or boat claim.

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    Is your insurance company giving you the runaround? You deserve professional assistance to ensure your claim payout is maximized. Jonathan personally evaluates each case and determines your best course of action. Having over 20 years of experience, Jonathan will work with you on your claim to maximize your payout. He only gets paid when you do.


    20+ years supporting people like you and your family


    Thousands of successful cases and maximized payouts for auto and boat claims.

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    No clerk. No go-between representative. You work directly with Jonathan to a resolution.

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