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As a Maserati owner, you take pride in the Italian luxury and power of your vehicle. However, like all vehicles, a Maserati can have issues that require repair. Florida’s Lemon Law is designed to assist consumers like you if your elite Maserati model doesn’t meet the expected performance and quality standards. We are here to help Maserati owners in every Florida county understand their lemon law rights and when to contact a lemon law attorney.

What Qualifies as a Lemon Under Florida Laws?

Florida’s Lemon Law applies to a new vehicle or demonstrator vehicles from the dealer sold in the state. To determine if your Maserati vehicle qualifies as a lemon, consider the following conditions:

Substantial Defects

A substantial defect is a malfunction or problem affecting the car’s use, value, or safety. Common problems like faulty airbags that arise soon after purchasing and aren’t due to misuse can be considered under this category. If your vehicle has a substantial defect, you may have a lemon on your hands.

Reasonable Repair Attempts

The law demands that the manufacturer be allowed a reasonable number of attempts to fix cars with defects. This means the same issue is persisting despite multiple repair visits. Typically, after three unsuccessful attempts for the same problem, or if the vehicle has been in service for repair for more than 15 cumulative days, it’s time to consider a lemon law claim.

When to Consult a Lemon Law Attorney

Initiating a lemon law claim starts a complex procedure, and you should not be surprised if the manufacturer defends its Maserati cars and takes issue with your claim.

If you believe you have a valid claim, it’s beneficial to seek the guidance of an attorney as soon as possible. They can provide a free case evaluation to ascertain the strength of your claim and advise you on the steps you should take to get your Maserati vehicle taken care of.

What You Stand to Gain

The lemon laws can offer two primary remedies: a replacement vehicle or a lemon law buyback. The manufacturer might provide a new Maserati vehicle of comparable value or refund the purchase price.

If a buyback is the option, remember, it’s not just about getting back the amount you paid. Compensation might also cover finance charges, incidental costs related to repair attempts, and even legal fees if you’re represented by a law firm. Some lemon law cases even lead to additional compensation for the inconvenience experienced by consumers.

When to File a Claim for Defective Vehicles

It’s crucial to act quickly if you think your Maserati might be a lemon. There are specific timeframes within which lemon law cases must be brought. Typically, you must report the defect to the manufacturer or an authorized service agent (often the dealer where you bought the car) within 24 months following the date of delivery.

Common Concerns with Maserati Vehicles

Maserati vehicles, from the GT convertible to the Ghibli Levante Quattroporte, are known for their refined craftsmanship. However, no brand is exempt from occasional defects, which is why Florida has an option for lemon law buyback.

Some owners have reported issues like persistent check engine light warnings or experienced warranty problems, particularly with newer models. While a Maserati car is the epitome of Italian luxury, it’s not immune to defects.

Whether it’s a consistent power failure, issues with the model, or any problems that make your Maserati a defective vehicle, it’s essential to keep a detailed record. Not only will this assist your dealer in attempting a fix, but it also provides a robust foundation should you pursue a lemon law case.

Remember, even if you’ve faced multiple issues with your Maserati vehicle, not all will qualify under the lemon law. The law’s primary concern is the vehicle’s safety, use, and value, so talk with your attorney right away about your lemon law case and the likely outcome.

Choosing a Lemon Law Attorney

If you’ve concluded that your Maserati might be a lemon, the next step is finding the right representation. A skilled attorney can simplify the complex legal processes involved. They will have knowledge of specific issues pertaining to Maserati vehicles and understand how the Maserati lemon law works and the best way to get a good result in your lemon lawsuit.

Legal Fees

One of the reservations Maserati owners might have in hiring a lemon law attorney is the potential cost. However, in some lemon law cases, if the claim goes to court and is successful, the vehicle manufacturer may be required to cover the consumer’s attorney’s fees and other court costs.

Free Case Review

Jonathan D. Schwartz, Lemon Law Lawyer, offers a free review of your case to see if your car qualifies under the Maserati lemon law. This initial meeting can give you a clearer perspective on the course of action to take. Jonathan D. Schwartz offers consultations to Maserati owners across all Florida counties.

The Crucial Role of Documentation

Proper documentation can make or break a Maserati lemon law case. Ensure you retain all records of repair attempts, communication with the manufacturer or their authorized representative (usually a dealership), and any related receipts.

As mentioned earlier, there’s a limited timeframe to act within the Maserati lemon law period, so keep a close eye on how long your car spends in repair. If your Maserati is out of service due to repairs for 30 or more cumulative days, your claim for a lemon law buyback will be stronger.

Potential Pitfalls to Watch Out For

Accepting an Early Offer

One common mistake is accepting the manufacturer’s initial offer without a legal consultation. Often, their first offer is just for a discounted repair or a partial refund that doesn’t really compensate for your losses.

Ignoring Minor Repairs

Even if an issue seems minor, like the check engine light appearing intermittently, it’s crucial to have it documented. Minor problems can actually be related to a significant issue or become recurrent and form the basis of your claim.

Going Solo

While it’s possible to initiate a lemon law claim without lemon law attorneys, it’s never a good idea. Working with a skilled and experienced lawyer is your best bet to get a full refund for your defective Maserati Ghibli or other car, or a replacement vehicle.

Driving Maserati models is about more than just transportation; it’s an experience. When you face continuous issues with such a vehicle, even after a reasonable number of repair attempts, the disappointment is profound, and you deserve a vehicle replacement or compensation for your Maserati lemon. If you’re considering a lemon law claim, contact Jonathan D. Schwartz, Lemon Law Lawyer, right now for a free consultation. Ensure you drive your Maserati car with confidence, knowing that your rights are safeguarded.