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Can You Sue a Car Dealership with Florida Lemon Law?

Florida’s Lemon Law provides protection for individuals who purchase vehicles and encounter manufacturing or repair difficulties. Under Florida’s Lemon Law, purchasing a used or preowned vehicle means that the owner bought car "as is". People who buy used cars “as is” are advised to have an independent mechanic inspect the vehicle before they finalize it to make sure that it is a quality purchase.


How Can Florida Lemon Law Attorneys Help New Car Owners?

Buying a new car can be fun, but that fun comes to a screeching halt the moment you find out you have a lemon. Unfortunately, no matter how hard manufacturers’ work or how trustworthy vehicle factories, some cars are made with imperfections. The state of Florida sells an average of 511,500 cars annually.


Returning a Malfunctioning Car with the Florida Lemon Law

If you own a new car in Florida that is constantly breaking down, you may be eligible for a buyback or vehicle replacement. New cars and vehicles purchased in the state of Florida that qualify as lemons can be returned for either reimbursement or replacement by the manufacturer/dealer.

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