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You Will Not Pay a Penny Out of Your Pocket for a Lemon Law Claim

If your new car has spent more than 30 days in the shop or has been back 3 or more times to repair the same problem, you may have a lemon. Under Florida law, you are entitled to a refund of money spent on your lemon vehicle. Call me to discuss how we can turn your lemon into a refund.

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Vehicles more than 24 months old are not eligible for Lemon Law claims.

My name is Jonathan Schwartz, and I handle hundreds of Lemon Law cases every year for Florida residents. When I say the case evaluation is free, I mean it. Call me or contact me online. I will evaluate your case and let you know if you have a Lemon Law claim at zero cost to you. I will let you know if you have a case or not. That’s it. You can choose to work with me or not. I won’t follow up with emails and calls unless you hire me.

No Charge Unless You Win. Really.

If you hire me to process your Lemon Law claim, you will pay nothing unless your claim is approved. If your claim is not approved, you pay nothing. If your claim is approved, my fee is deducted from the settlement.

I Handle Every Step of the Process

All you need to do is send me some paperwork, then sit back and let me handle the fight. You won’t be called into court. No one is going to question your integrity, your honesty or your driving history.

If you have a lemon, you purchased a defective product. If you buy something broken at a store, you return it for a refund. The Lemon Law works the same way, but the process is more involved. You can do it yourself, but you’ll save a lot of time if you let me handle your claim.

Why not just take a trade?

You may have been offered a trade or a buyback from the dealership. This is a losing proposition for you. The trade-in value or buyback offer will reflect the lower value of your lemon; all that service history goes on the vehicle’s CARFAX report, which lowers its resale value. Did you spend $40,000 on a new vehicle to get a $30,000 offer on it?

Plus, you will forfeit any claims on the money you spent for service and parts, as well as any finance charges you paid to buy your vehicle. Under the Lemon Law, you get a full refund of service costs, purchase fees and the full price you paid for the vehicle, minus reasonable depreciation. In other words, you get your money back, except for the same depreciation that would apply to a similar vehicle without the problems you experienced.

How Much Will You Get If My Claim Succeeds?

Call me at 1-786-297-8977 and ask. I’ll give you a straight answer. Remember that you will not pay one cent out of your pocket. My fee is deducted from your settlement.

I have successfully fought for hundreds of Florida vehicle owners. I will give you a straight answer on whether or not you have a case, and I will handle every step of the claims process. I want you to get what you paid for – the joy of owning a new car, van, motorcycle or truck. Give me a few minutes of your time to see if you have a claim. You won’t regret it.

Testimonials: Hear What Our Clients Have Said!

We cannot express enough how appreciative we are for your time, patience and representation in our Lemon law case. We just wanted to express our gratitude and thank you so very much!


We would like to thank you for helping us obtain the settlement for all the problems I had with my Kia. By acquiring your services you were able to get the dealership to trade us out of that car and into a much better car. We would like to thank you again for your service.


Thanks for sticking up for the little guy, you give power to the consumer in an otherwise unilateral relationship with the auto manufacturers. Keep doing what you’re doing!


What Are You Waiting For? – Take Action Now!

Call now if you bought a lemon. You will speak directly to a Florida lemon law lawyer, not a call center. You will get a free case evaluation, and there is no fee for your lemon law claim unless you win.

Don’t lose money trying to sell or trade in that lemon. File a lemon law claim and get a new vehicle that you will love!

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