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The Lemon Law in Florida can be confusing and is open to many interpretations, especially if you don’t understand how it works. This statute provides remedies for consumers who purchase a vehicle with non-conformities. If you are driving a defective vehicle and you want to find out if you are entitled to legal help, you need to contact the expert lemon law attorneys at Bad Vehicle. We understand the Lemon Law in Florida and we’ll work hard to make sure you get the proper resolution for your lemon vehicle.

Our experience with the Lemon Law in and around Jacksonville ensures our clients will receive the legal help they deserve. Our clients have received millions of dollars in settlements owed to them under Florida’s Lemon Law. Our dedication to justice give the power to the vehicle owner, enforcing their Lemon Law rights.

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Florida Lemon Law Lawyers

What is a “Lemon”?

A vehicle that has one or more non-conformities as a result of the manufacturer is considered a “lemon” by the state of Florida. These defects my cause safety issues for passengers or other drivers on the road, or may diminish the value of the vehicle. When an authorized Jacksonville dealership, or the actual manufacturer, is not able to correct the defects upon request of the consumer, the vehicle is considered “lemon” status.

The Florida Lemon Law was designed for consumer protection. In the event that a vehicle was not manufactured to certain standards, the vehicle’s owner is protected by the law. The Florida Lemon Law provides coverage for many types of vehicles that were purchased from an authorized dealer in Florida. Cars, trucks, SUV’s, and recreational vehicles are covered, as well as some leased vehicles if the lessee is responsible for the required repairs. The Lemon Law for used vehicles works a bit differently, but Florida Lemon Law may still cover those vehicles.

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Jacksonville Lemon Law Criteria

To help you determine if your car, truck, or SUV is a lemon, Florida has a list of criteria to consider. Prior to being classified as a lemon, the vehicle’s issue(s) must have been attempted to be repaired by a certified auto service center at least three times. If the vehicle remains unsafe after three attempts at repair, or if the vehicle has been out of service for over 30 days, the vehicle meets the criteria. For recreational vehicles, the vehicle must be out of service for 60 days.

As long as the vehicle purchase date falls within the 24-month period of manufacturer’s warranty, you can still qualify for lemon eligibility through the “Lemon Law Rights Period.” You do not have to be the original purchaser of the vehicle.

  • 3 unsuccessful attempts to fix the underlying issues by a certified auto service center

  • The vehicle must fall within the allotted 24 month date range of the manufacturer warranty

  • The vehicle remains unsafe to drive after 3 service attempts have been made or if the vehicle has been out of service for over 30 days

  • You do not have to be the original purchaser of the car or truck

Jacksonville Lemon Law Requirements

If you live in or around Jacksonville, your vehicle falls under the entire state of Florida’s Lemon Law jurisdiction. However, the requirements to file your vehicle as a lemon may not be straightforward. You should review the following criteria to see if you may be eligible to claim lemon status for your vehicle.

You must be the purchaser or lessee of the reported vehicle

Your vehicle must be only used for personal interests

Your vehicle issues are reported within a 24-month window

You did not purchase this vehicle as resale

After reviewing the initial criteria used to classify a vehicle under Florida’s Lemon Law, you’ll need to partner with an expert Lemon Law Attorney to help you navigate the law. In order to receive the most fair compensation for your lemon vehicle, you’ll need a top-rated lemon law firm to handle the legal process and ensure you follow all the required steps to resolve your case.

Hire Lemon Law Lawyers in Jacksonville, Florida

Are you wondering if there are any legal remedies available in Jacksonville for your problem vehicle? The good news is that there are, and our Lemon Law attorneys are here to assist you. Vehicle owner protection laws in Florida can be complicated – especially if you are trying to find out how those laws apply to your situation. If you have been dealing with repeated problems with your vehicle, there is a good chance that the Lemon Law lawyers at Bad Vehicle can assist you. The Florida Lemon Law provides consumers an effective remedy if their vehicle cannot be repaired. Jonathan D. Schwartz, Esq. knows Florida’s Lemon Law and will work with you to ensure you receive the outcome you deserve. Our Jacksonville team has the knowledge and experience to expertly represent you in your lemon vehicle case.

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