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It can be difficult to understand the Florida Lemon Law. Often the laws are confusing and how the law works is misinterpreted. There is a legal process involved with determining if your vehicle qualifies as a “lemon”. If you are the owner of a vehicle you are questioning to be a “lemon” in the Fort Lauderdale area, you need to contact Bad Vehicle, and speak to one of our expert lemon law attorneys. One of our experienced lawyers will navigate the legal system to ensure you receive the proper resolution for your lemon vehicle. You can leave the hassle to us!

Owners of defective cars in the Fort Lauderdale area are often entitled to receive settlements, and our Lemon Law attorneys have the experience to help you collect what you deserve. Through our dedication and resolve, we have recovered millions of dollars from Lemon Law settlements for our clients. We will see to it that your Lemon Law rights are enforced and you come out on top.

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What is a “lemon”?

Lemon laws protect car buyers from purchasing subpar vehicles. Each state law varies, but the state of Florida considers a “lemon” as a vehicle that has one or many manufacturer defects within a certain time of purchasing that isn’t repaired after a reasonable number of attempts by the dealer or manufacturer. The defects cause the vehicle to be unsafe or diminished in value. In Fort Lauderdale, the vehicle becomes recognized as a “lemon” if the defects are not properly corrected upon request of the consumer.

To help protect the purchaser of a vehicle not manufactured to safe standards, the Florida Lemon Law was established. In the state of Florida, the Lemon Law covers automobiles, trucks, and recreational vehicles that were purchased from an authorized dealer. In some instances, the Florida Lemon Law also covers leased vehicles that meet specific criteria, like if the lessee is responsible for the necessary repairs. The Lemon Law for used vehicles works a bit differently, but may still allow those vehicles coverage under the Florida Lemon Law.

FORT LAUDERDALE Lemon Law Requirements

Florida’s Lemon Law jurisdiction covers the entire state of Florida – so if you live in the Fort Lauderdale area, your vehicle does qualify for the law. In order to legally file your vehicle as a “lemon”, you should familiarize yourself with some basic criteria. Here are some of the requirements to be considered.

Your vehicle must be only used for personal interests

Your vehicle issues are reported within a 24-month window

You must be the purchaser or lessee of the reported vehicle

You did not purchase this vehicle as resale

Meeting these requirements is the first step to getting your vehicle classified under Florida’s Lemon Law. However, in order to receive the most compensation for your vehicle, legal processes need to take place. When you partner with an expert lemon law compliance firm, you’ll have the guidance needed to complete the entire procedure with confidence.

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If you have been continually frustrated with multiple maintenance issues with your automobile in Fort Lauderdale, you could have a lemon vehicle. Before you pay a costly repair bill for an issue that may have originated from the manufacturer, find out if the Florida Lemon Law can cover your problem. At Bad Vehicle, our Lemon Law lawyers are available to assist you with new, used, totaled, and salvaged vehicles. Jonathan D. Schwartz, Esq. is ready to seek justice on your behalf. Our attorneys combine knowledge, experience, and toughness to expertly represent your “lemon” vehicle.

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