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Experiencing recurring repairs and auto shop visits when you purchase a new car can be more than just inconvenient, it can be frustrating and time-consuming. If this happens, you might have purchased a “lemon” vehicle that continues to require costly repairs. In Florida, lemon laws have been established to protect consumers who purchase faulty vehicles. Because the Florida Lemon Law can be difficult to understand, consumers may misinterpret its meaning and find the legal process hard to navigate. A Lemon Law expert in the Port St. Lucie area can help you understand the law and find a just resolution. At Bad Vehicle, our attorneys will work on your behalf to ensure you receive the best possible outcome.


The attorneys at Bad Vehicle have the Lemon Law experience necessary to acquire a fair settlement for defective vehicles in Port St. Lucie and surrounding areas. We have claimed millions of dollars in Lemon Law settlements for our clients. Our clients have their Lemon Law rights enforced through our dedication and knowledge.


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What is a “lemon”?

A lemon is a vehicle that has a substantive defect that a manufacturer or dealer is unable to to repair in a reasonable amount of time. The defect may diminish the safety, value, or utility of the vehicle. A vehicle with such issues may be recognized as a lemon vehicle.  The Florida Lemon Law is a state statute that provides justice to consumers who have purchased a vehicle with defects which, despite multiple repair attempts, have not been properly remedied. The vehicle can be recognized as a “lemon” if an authorized Florida dealership cannot correct the presented defects. The vehicle’s owner is entitled to an equitable resolution under this law.


The purpose of Florida Lemon Law is to provide a fair resolution to the consumer when a car, truck, SUV, or RV was not manufactured to adequate standards. Consumers listed on a leased vehicle, if they are responsible for the needed repairs, are also represented under this law. The Lemon Law for used vehicles varies slightly, but purchasers of used vehicles may still be protected under the Florida Lemon Law.

port st. lucie Lemon Law Requirements

If you reside in Port St. Lucie or the surrounding area, your vehicle falls under Florida’s Lemon Law jurisdiction. The process of filing your vehicle as a “lemon” can be confusing, and there are some requirements you should review before starting the process. Before a vehicle can be eligible for “lemon” status, these criteria you must be met:

Your vehicle must be only used for personal interests

Your vehicle issues are reported within a 24-month window

You must be the purchaser or lessee of the reported vehicle

You did not purchase this vehicle as resale

If you meet all of the above requirements, you are eligible to take the next step in the legal process. You will need an experienced attorney to assist with getting your vehicle classified under Florida’s Lemon Law. Bad Vehicle is an experienced lemon law compliance firm, and we will help you navigate the law procedure.

Hire Lemon Law Lawyers in port st. lucie, Florida

Continually experiencing mechanical issues with your vehicle in Port St. Lucie, Florida could mean that you own a lemon vehicle. Before you spend money on costly repairs that may be a result of a manufacturing defect, find out if the Florida Lemon Law applies to your situation. The Lemon Law lawyers at Bad Vehicle can help you with any personal vehicle – new, used, totaled, or salvaged. Jonathan D. Schwartz, Esq. will ensure you receive a just result for your lemon vehicle inconvenience. Our team of dedicated and experienced lawyers have the knowledge to provide you with expert legal representation for your lemon vehicle.

If you believe the Florida Lemon Law applies to your vehicle, call our firm today for a free case evaluation (786) 627-6343. Our team of Lemon Law Layers are available to take your case and help you receive a settlement for your defective vehicle.

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