Is a Florida Lemon Law claim right for you? Get quick answers in our FAQ.

What Vehicles Are Eligible for a Florida Lemon Law Claim?

Any car, truck, van or motorcycle purchased new from a dealership within the last 24 months is eligible if it meets one or both of the following conditions:

  1. You have made at least 3 attempts to fix the same problem.
  2. The vehicle has been in the shop for more than 30 days.

How Long Does It Take to File a Lemon Law Claim in Florida?

Florida Lemon Law claims are completed within 90 days from the date when paperwork is filed.

Do I Have to Go to Court to Use the Florida Lemon Law?

If you hire a Lemon Law attorney, you will not need to go to court for a Florida Lemon Law claim. In very rare cases, you may be asked to provide testimony via a videoconference call. In our experience at Bad Vehicle, this happens in fewer than 5% of cases.

Can I be sued for filing a Lemon Law claim in Florida?

You cannot be sued by any party or individual for filing a Lemon Law claim in Florida. The worst-case scenario is that your claim will be denied. By consulting a Lemon Law attorney, you will find out if your case is strong enough to win. Bad Vehicle provides free Lemon Law consultations by phone, or you can contact us online.

Can a dealership blacklist me for filing a Lemon Law claim?

You cannot be blacklisted, denied service or denied loans for filing a lemon law claim in Florida or any other state. When you use the Lemon Law, you are making a claim against the manufacturer, not the dealership. You are asking the manufacturer to honor the warranty that came with your new vehicle. If you bought a defective TV or coffee maker at Walmart and returned it for an exchange, Walmart would not ban you from shopping there. The same rule applies with lemon laws.

Should I use Lemon Law or trade in the vehicle?

If the dealership offers you the same vehicle at no additional cost, by all means take the trade. Do not expect this to happen. The trade value a dealership will offer is for a defective vehicle, which could cost you thousands of dollars. This is why you should use the Lemon Law.

If you bought a defective TV for $1,000 and the retailer offered you $500 for it, would you consider that fair? You are entitled to a working vehicle when you sign to buy. Use the lemon law to protect your rights and your investment.

What does a Lemon Law Lawyer charge in Florida?

A Florida Lemon Law lawyer gets paid only if you win your case. Lawyer’s fees are deducted from your settlement. Lemon Law consultations are free. You will not pay a penny out of your pocket to file a Lemon Law claim. We encourage you to call us at 786-297-8977 or contact us online to ask about fees. We charge a flat and highly competitive rate for Lemon Law services.