You might be surprised to learn that your new car’s warranty is not automatically enforceable in all circumstances. In certain circumstances, a warranty might be voided, and it is important for new car owners to learn about these problems in order to prevent them whenever possible. Our Florida Lemon Law attorney can help you determine whether there is any reason your vehicle’s warranty would not be enforceable. Consulting with a lawyer now can save you from paying for costly repairs in the future. 


Here are some of the most common circumstances in which a new car warranty might be voided: 


If Vehicle Is Declared a Total Loss

If your vehicle is involved in a serious accident, the insurance company may determine that the cost of repair would exceed the cost of the vehicle. In these circumstances, the insurance company will be declared a “total loss.” If your vehicle is totaled, you must sign the title over to the insurance company, and a salvage title will be issued for the totaled vehicle. The salvage title voids the original warranty issued by the manufacturer. 


Natural Disasters

If your vehicle is damaged in a flood, storm, fire, mudslide, or other natural disaster, this could also void the manufacturer’s warranty. Not every insurance claim for damage to the vehicle will void the warranty. Depending on the areas of the vehicle involved and the extent of the damage, the warranty may or may not be affected. Be sure to consult with a lemon lawyer about your unique situation. 



Most passenger vehicles are designed for driving on designated roads. Off-roading, racing, and other activities can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties are not required to cover any use of the vehicle that was not intended by the manufacturer. 


Failure To Maintain the Vehicle

Though most car owners do not read their owner’s manual cover to cover, this book does contain important maintenance recommendations. Failure to maintain the vehicle as recommended by the manufacturer can void its warranty. Be sure to get oil changes regularly. Fluid levels, brakes, and tire pressures should also be checked on a regular basis. 


Aftermarket Alterations

Certain aftermarket alterations can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Before altering your vehicle, check with a lemon lawyer to see if your warranty will be affected. 


Altered Odometer

Manufacturers’ warranties are only valid until the vehicle hits a specified mileage. If your odometer has been altered in any way, it will not be possible to prove that your vehicle is under the mileage requirements of its warranty. Altered odometers can also cause other legal problems – even the filing of criminal charges, in some cases. Prevent all these problems by leaving your odometer intact and unaltered. 


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