Did you know that over 6 million car accidents occur annually in the United States? Whether a car accident is from distracted driving or reckless driving, you’ve probably had to deal with an insurance company at some point.

But what if an insurance company is blaming you for a car accident you didn’t cause? In these cases, you’ll need to understand the laws and know what steps to take first so you don’t miss out on the compensation you deserve.

Keep reading this car insurance guide to learn what you need to do if an insurance company is blaming you for an accident.

Florida’s No-Fault Law for Car Accidents

It’s important first to understand Florida’s no-fault law and what that means for you if you’re involved in a car accident. This law states that both parties in the accident will make claims to their own auto insurance company.

The law in Florida requires all drivers to have personal injury protection (PIP) and Property Damage Liability (PDL) car insurance. PIP covers 80% of all reasonable and necessary medical expenses up to $10,000.

PDL coverage pays for damage you, or someone else caused while driving your vehicle.

Reasons Car Insurance Companies Could Blame You

Next, you must remember that a car insurance company has reason to blame you for an accident. According to Florida law, an insurance company doesn’t have to pay you PIP benefits if you intentionally caused your crash or crashed while you were committing a felony.

For example, if you were drinking and driving, you could be charged with a felony and be denied any PIP benefits.

However, insurance companies may also argue that you were at least partially at fault because of something you did or didn’t do before the crash. If they can prove negligence on your part, they can reduce the compensation you might be rewarded by the percentage you’re at fault.

The car insurance company will conduct an investigation after the accident. They’ll review photos or videos of the crash scene and collect witness statements, and look to prove negligence for reasons such as:

  • Distracted driving
  • Drowsy driving
  • Speeding
  • Running a red light
  • Running a stop sign
  • Driving with an expired license
  • Not wearing your seat belt
  • Past driving convictions like traffic tickets to use against you

Steps to Take if a Car Insurance Company Blames You

If a car insurance company wrongly blames you for an auto accident, you’ll need to take certain steps immediately.

First, it’s essential that you don’t make any recorded statements to the insurance company. Although the insurance adjuster might say this statement is only to get your version of the events, they can still use it against you later.

Your next step is to find an experienced lawyer to help you with your insurance claim. A lawyer will help you to:

  • Collect evidence that supports your version of events with witness statements and pictures
  • Conduct a thorough investigation of the accident scene
  • Find expert witnesses
  • Prepare statements for the insurance company
  • Defend you in court

Get Legal Help With Your Insurance Company Today

If an insurance company is blaming you for an accident when you’re not at fault, then it’s time to get expert help.

You’ll need to turn to an experienced insurance claims lawyer like Jonathan D. Schwartz. Jonathan has over 20 years of experience with car accident claims and will evaluate your case thoroughly to determine the best way to proceed.

Protect your rights and get the compensation you deserve by scheduling a free consultation today!