A car wreck is a terrible experience that can leave you shaken and uncertain about what to do next. After a car accident, the insurance company assigns an adjuster to assess the damage to your car and any medical bills you’ve acquired as a result of the accident.

They may offer you a settlement right away. But before you accept, you should know that accepting a settlement could hinder your ability to collect damages for your injuries or time away from work.

Although getting your car fixed is important, it shouldn’t be your only concern. Here are 11 questions to ask an insurance adjuster after a car accident.

1. Put It in Writing

Request a written statement from the insurance company saying the accident wasn’t your fault and was the fault of the other driver.

If they won’t do this, they may argue the accident was your fault, wholly or partially.

2. Get a Copy of the Policy From the Insurance Adjuster

Ask for a copy of the other driver’s insurance policy.

You want a record of the policy limits and the amount of money available to pay your claim.

3. Recorded Statements

In most cases, the insurance company will record your statement.

They may not want you to see a copy of the statement from their insured driver. Ask for a copy.

4. Written Promise

Before you agree to sign a medical release, ask the insurance company for a written promise they will provide copies of every medical record they collect.

Medical releases are often broadly written and allow the insurance company access to all your medical records. Ask the insurance company to restrict access to injuries pertaining to the accident only.

5. Witness Statements

Ask to see copies of all witness statements.

The insurance company doesn’t like to share this information, but you’re entitled to it.

6. Secondary Insurance

Ask about secondary insurance coverage and if there’s an umbrella policy.

If they claim there’s not one, request a signed affidavit from their insured driver.

7. Medical or Personal Information

Ask whether the insurance company has collected medical or personal information about you through electronic databases or any other source.

Request copies of any information they have obtained.

8. Credit or Debt Information

Ask the insurance company if they gathered any credit or debt information on you.

They may have information about debts you owe, whom you owe, and when payments are due.

9. Investigations on You

Ask whether any investigations or surveillance has been conducted on you.

Request copies of any photos, films, or reports they may have.

10. Questioning Others About You

Ask if the insurance company has questioned people in your neighborhood or others about you.

Ask for copies of any information they’ve gathered.

11. Amount of Financial Reserve

Ask the insurance company how much financial reserve they have set for your particular case.

This is the amount they believe you deserve.

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