What if your car insurance provider offers you a lowball settlement after an accident?

It’s more common than you might think. You may read about how the average settlement is $23,900. However, in a recent survey, many Martindale-Nolo readers reported getting settlement offers of less than $10,000 after a car accident.

If you get a lowball offer, you don’t just have to sit there and take it. Keep reading to discover our top tips for fighting back!

Make Sure It’s a Lowball Offer

Do you think your car insurance provider is lowballing you? Before you proceed any further, you need to verify this is a lowball offer.

For example, many drivers go by their instincts after surviving a car insurance accident. So it’s easy to think you’ve gotten a lowball offer because you want more money.

However, it’s not really a lowball offer unless your car insurance company is offering less than the costs you have paid so far. If that’s the case, proceed to the next step.

Discover What Caused the Lowballing

When drivers are sure their car insurance providers are lowballing them, what’s next? In this case, you need to discover what is causing the lowballing.

For example, the insurance company may have determined you are partially or even fully at fault for an accident. This can have a major impact on how much money they are willing to pay out.

The car insurance provider might have also miscalculated the value of your claim, resulting in them making an offer that doesn’t reflect your losses. The final alternative is that the provider may be acting in bad faith, putting out a lowball offer they hope you settle for.

Regardless of why your provider is lowballing you, it’s time to fight back.

Start Gathering Evidence

The reason those first two steps are so important is that you need to find out more about why your provider made such a lowball estimate. Once you know the answer, you can begin gathering evidence that helps to disprove their claims.

For example, it should be easy for you to provide proof for things like the cost of car repair and the cost of your medical bills. This can help prove the provider has not offered enough of a settlement. If they think you were at fault for the accident, it is easy to gather proof the accident was not your fault at all (and keeping track of paperwork regarding the accident is one of the best car insurance tips even when you aren’t getting lowballed).

Once you have all of the evidence you can get, it’s time to find a good auto insurance lawyer who will help you finish this fight.

Fight Back Against Low Settlements From Your Car Insurance Provider!

Now you know how to fight a lowball settlement offer from your car insurance provider. But do you know where to find the right attorney to help you finish the fight and get the money you deserve?

We specialize in helping customers just like you fight against unfair lowball offers. To see what we can do for you and your case, all you have to do is contact us today!