The new year is coming, and you may be thinking about ringing it in with a new ride!

Getting a new car is an exciting process, and you may be dreaming about all the adventures you’ll have in your new vehicle. But that dream can turn into a nightmare when your car starts showing problems after just a few months.

Lemon vehicles are an all-too-common problem, and some models are more likely to have issues than others. Read on to discover the car models you should avoid in 2022 if you don’t want to land with a lemon.


Although Ford has been a household name in America for decades, their cars have gotten less and less reliable lately. Customers have reported numerous AC and ventilation problems, oil leaks, and dreadful exhaust noises.

In particular, in 2022, you’ll want to avoid the Mustang and Explorer models.


Chevrolet is another beloved American brand that has seen quality drop significantly in recent years. Many Chevy cars have electrical problems, mechanical problems, and issues with EVAP systems.

The Silverado and Corvette are on our lemon car list for the upcoming year.


Volkswagen has had some well-known problems, including major model recalls, during the last few years.

The German company has started cutting corners to provide a “luxury” feel at a low price, and those cuts are showing up in the reliability of their vehicles. In 2022, you should avoid the new model of the Tiguan.


Although Chrysler has had a reputation for luxury in the past, the gilding is beginning to show on that lily. In fact, many consumers have reported that their cars simply shut down in the middle of the road, leaving them stranded in traffic.

Next year, avoid the Pacifica, as it’s likely to be more trouble than it’s worth.


Subarus have had a somewhat sketchy reputation in the last few years, and that’s likely to continue into 2022.

Subarus generally tend to have lots of engine problems, especially when it comes to noise and gaskets. This year, avoid the Ascent model, as it’s one of the most unreliable cars coming onto the market.

Avoid Lemon Vehicles

Buying a new car is an exciting prospect, and you want to make sure your new ride can go the distance.

The cars we’ve discussed here are likely to break down, cause problems, and cost you more money than it’s worth. We recommend looking at other brands and models for your 2022 car purchase.

If you’d like to learn more about what lemon vehicles to avoid next year, check out the rest of our site at Bad Our attorneys handle a variety of Florida state vehicle lemon law cases, including new cars and more.

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