There are a lot of vehicles that classify as lemons in 2022. The Mazda CX7 Turbo isn’t on the list, but many owners are experiencing turbo and engine issues.

The life of a turbocharger averages 100,000 to 125,000 miles. This varies depending on driving conditions, aftermarket components, and low-quality parts.

You may have a bad turbocharger assembly if your car spits blue-black smoke from the exhaust pipe, you hear a rattling and scraping noise from the turbocharger, or a rattling sound at a particular RPM range.

A turbocharger failure requires immediate attention. If you operate without repair, particles from the turbocharger may clog the catalytic converter or destroy the engine. It may also increase oil consumption to the extent it causes the engine to fail.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Mazda CS7 turbo replacement.

Manufacturer Blames Consumer

Many Mazda CX7 owners are experiencing problems with their turbo engines and requesting warranty repairs. Instead of addressing the issue, the manufacturer is blaming the vehicle owner.

The manufacturer requires consumers to provide proof of all oil changes and service receipts. They want proof you are maintaining the vehicle according to warranty requirements. If you cannot provide proof of service they refuse to cover repairs under warranty.

When your vehicle is in for repair, check the work order carefully. Many dealers are not properly noting customer complaints on the repair orders. This is a way of covering up the severity of turbocharger problems.

Every time you have your Mazda CX7 in for service or repair keep your invoice. This includes all receipts for oil changes or any other service.

Mazda CX7 Repair Replacement Cost

The cost for a Mazda CX7 turbo replacement is between $1,579 and $1,719. This does not include labor of around $502 to $633 and replacement parts running between $1,077 and $1,719. Costs do not include taxes and fees.

The actual cost for repair or replacement will vary depending on the age of your vehicle and mileage. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to use a fair price calculator.

Additional Mazda CX7 Problems

In addition to the turbo issues, the CS7 also has problems with the timing chain, excessive heat buildup, and over-revving of the VVTi engine. A large number of owners complain about poor mileage, even during highway driving.

The heat buildup and engine sludge buildup contribute to the deterioration of the turbocharger, causing failure. To prevent problems regular service is essential.

Have the oil and filter changed during every service appointment. You also want to decrease the time between oil changes and have the oil feed banjo bolds and oil drain line cleaned at every oil change.

Using a higher level of fully synthetic oil will help alleviate problems. If you do have to have a new turbo installed, make sure the oil and filter are changed at the same time.

Alternative Action

If you feel stuck in a revolving door when it comes to warranty repairs on your CS7, there is an alternative. Chapter 681 of the Florida Lemon Law requires manufacturers to take responsibility for their vehicles and make a good faith effort to resolve complaints. Under the law, you are entitled to resolution within a designated period of time.

If your dealership or authorized service center makes at least three unsuccessful attempts at warranty repairs, you may have legal recourse.

Resolution for a Lemon

If you believe your Mazda CX7 qualifies as a lemon, call Jonathan D. Schwartz, the lemon law lawyer. We will review the facts of your case and provide you with a legal opinion on what action can be taken.

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