In the hit, Disney movie, Cars, Lizzie tells the people of the town that Big Al is the only one that could fix their road. When Ramone reminds Lizzie that Big Al left 15 years previously, she replies, “Then why are you bringing him up, you lemon?”

While it may be comical hearing an old 1923 two-door sedan Ford Model T call another car in a cartoon movie a “lemon,” it is not so funny when you use the word “lemon” to describe the vehicle you own. A lemon law case is frustrating, but don’t let anger get the best of you. Instead, get legal help for your car issues.

To better understand your options for a remedy, it helps to know how long a lemon law case in Florida will take. Knowing the time frame for a lemon law case helps you to prepare and decide how you can fix your car problems.

This article will tell you about the lemon law in Florida, and how long you can expect it to take.

What Is the Lemon Law?

When you purchase a car that is not up to par with performance standards and quality, the lemon law gives you options to remedy your car issues. There is both a lemon law that is federal and lemon law for each state.

In Florida, both sold and leased vehicles are covered under the lemon law. It does not cover motorcycles, mopeds, recreational vehicles, off-road vehicles, or trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds G.V.W.

Lemon Law Right Period

A Florida consumer can report their vehicle has a nonconformity to its manufacturer, pursuing the consumer’s rights per the law, within 24 months from the original delivery date. After a 24-month duration concludes, the consumer could still file a lemon law case within an additional 60 days.

Before Seeking a Remedy in Florida

The lemon law in Florida gives the manufacturer of the vehicle the last opportunity to repair the car issues. This is after there have been three attempts to repair the same nonconformity. Or the lemon law states if the vehicle is out of service for a minimum of 15 days or more for one or more nonconformities in need of repair.

The consumer must give the manufacturer written notice requesting the repair, and it must be by express mail or registered mail.


If your case goes to arbitration, it can take several months to prepare and complete discovery. The hearing itself could be one day or one week, possibly more. Do not enter arbitration without legal help for your car issues.

Do You Have a Lemon Law Case?

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